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    When you need IT services tailored specifically for your company, from management enterprise to network operation services, call on the team at WEX.
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    From small rackables to enterprise level machines, we will work with you to develop the right mix of computing power, operational efficiency and cost.
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    Fast-track design and build network systems for data centers, ISPs, biotech and manufacturing facilities, hospitals, hotels and schools.
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    Eliminate the hassle and cost required to manage and maintain your own equipment.
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OEM Partners

Wex I.T. is an authorized Brocade reseller. Brocade networking solutions provide industry-leading capabilities for storage, Ethernet, and Ethernet fabric networking environments. Brocade maintains a solid commitment to ensuring the highest levels of quality in the design, manufacture, and testing of its products. As a result, organizations can feel confident in their Brocade networking solutions, knowing that they are using products that have met the most rigorous quality standards in the industry.

We are proud to offer the following Brocade products:

  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Application Delivery Switches
  • Wireless LAN Access Points & Controllers
  • SAN Backbones
  • Transceivers
  • Management Software
  • Security Appliances

Media Room

Wex IT is a Sacramento IT support company that offers computer repair and network support. Wex IT offers the best, most qualified infrastructure support for any network.


  • How do I Know which support requirements I need +

    You do not need to apply a one-size-fits-all approach to your data center support requirements. Create a system support matrix to determine the operational redundancy versus criticality of your IT assets. Mix and match hardware support options, such as onsite service contracts and spares kits to create a support system that achieves your operational goals, while still minimizing your costs.
  • How do I find competitively priced IT hardware? +

    The current generation of popular servers, storage and networking devices coming off OEM warranties are common in the open market. Consequently, both parts and expertise have a strong supply, making prices very competitive. In the broker market for computers spares, as well as in the server support industry, price competitiveness is high, while margins are down. This is a good time to negotiate rates for service contracts, but if your operating budget needs more cutting, self-maintenance is a good option
  • I need customized IT services. Can Wex provide this? +

    Our IT support services are designed and delivered to fit the particular needs of our customers. We do not provide a one-size-fits-all solution but rather a consultative approach based on a carefully developed delivery plan. The first thing we do is listen. You can contact us at any time to schedule a free consultation.
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Why Wex ?

Personal Commitment to Excellence
Extensive Public Sector Knowledge
Flexible Budgeting Solutions
Proven Track Record Managing Complex Projects
Product Independence & End to End Ownership
Over 40 Years of Combined Industry Experience

About Wex

WEX-IT provides solutions to our customers in hardware, hardware support and IT service support. Our system effectively bridges the market's gap for CIOs and IT professionals who run computing environments that demand top quality equipment, customized configurations, high availability, and full operational control. At Wex-IT, we strive to meet the following goals:
  • Project Planning, Management & Implementation: We provide management expertise through all phases of the project life cycle.
  • IS/IT/Network Systems Equipment Transportation & Storage: We provide proper packing and storage of all equipment to ensure functionally and data integrity.
  • Asset Management Services: We set up an IT tracking database complete with serial numbers and asset tag information.

Customer Service

Whether you have a question or need a quote, we're here to help!